Oct 14, 2011

How to Hide Navbar (Navigation Bar)

Navbar (Navigation Bar) is fasility of blogger.com. But many blogger want to hide this navbar because it will make their blog layout look better without a box (navbar) above it. The Question "is this break TOS (Term Of Service) of blogger.com?" I don't know, but so far is good, there are many blogger hide their navbar but no reaction from blogger.com. So? do you want to hide Your blog navbar? if you want here's the trick to hide blogger navbar:

1. Login to Blogger then click "Layout --> Edit HTML".
2. Copy the code below and insert into your <head> tag.

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;

3. for example put like this

Blogger Template Style
Name: xxx
Designer: xxx
URL: http://sandriesoft.blogspot.com
Date: Januari 2008
----------------------------------------------- */

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;

/* Variable definitions

4. Save your setting, and open your blog, You will have no navbar in your blog page

How To Create a New Blog in blogger

Blogger is provide you the opportunity to make free blogs. But they include part of their domain to your blog address ( Eg: http://example.blogspot.com). If you want your own domain, you should buy it from a domain provider and host it in a hosting sever.

1. Log in to the http://www.blogger.com/ and  click on the tab "Create a Blog" as follows.


2. Now you will see a form that you have to enter your data and then press "continue" tab.

3. In the next step they will ask you a name for the blog. Give a good name. But they accept it if the domain is available only. If not you have to find an another name.

4. At the end of this step they ask you to "choose a template" to your blog. The template determine the appearance of your blog to clients. How ever you can change it later.


5. Then they will bring you to your "Dashboard". Following screen shot shows you the "Dashboard" of your blog.


Congrats, Now you have made your first Blog wit blogger.  Now go around the each and every tab, and find out what can you do by using those.

Anyway I will guide you one step further now, that is how you would make a post to your blog. 

Where ever you are come to your "Dashboard" by clicking on the "Dashboard tab on the top right conner of your blog. 

Now you can see a tab called "New Post". Look below,


Click on that tab, The following window will appear,

imageWrite what ever you want here to post and click the tab called "Publish Post". Now you did your first post.